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Pranava anal plug

new to anal? here are some tips to consider before purchasing a butt plug:

1. for beginners, the best butt plug is a small one with the widest part of the plug having a circumference of 4″ (1.3″ wide) or less.

2. choose one that tapers gradually

3. length is not necessarily an issue. what makes anal uncomfortable is the stretching of the asshole.

4. experiment with different kinds of materials:


– easy to clean.

– can be cooled or heated for temperature play.

– slides right in with a little bit of lube.


– feels like skin.

– durable.


– very heavy (the weight of a steel plug feels amazing).

– easy to clean.

plastic (jelly, rubber, pvc, hard plastic)


-bends with your body (except for hard plastic, of course).

– inexpensive.

as you become more comfortable with anal play, try:

1. wider plugs

– they put more…

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